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How Affordable Is Private Jet Charter for Business and Leisure Today?

The top private jet travelers in the U.S. are surprisingly in their 40s and comprised of 37% women, 16% children, and 6% pets according to Private Fly, which has made several private jet operators dedicated to making private jet charters a more affordable luxury.

With so much competition going on, private jet providers are slowly dropping prices and adding new features that provide more value to private jet customers. This is great for frequent private jet flyers and those who want to try flying privately for the first time.

Here are some facts that make it more affordable for families, business executives, and tourists to book a private jet charter. Make the most out of empty legs, private jet flight price decrease, high demand for chartered trips, and the increase in competition in the private aviation industry.

Empty Legs Are Marked Up For One Way Trips

If you happen to subscribe to empty legs of private jets, you may be able to find trips similar to yours. This is only a one-way trip, but it can save you a lot of money when you book one. Empty legs have their own schedules, but you can still enjoy the convenience and luxury of chartering a private jet.

Private Jet Flight Prices Decreased By 13 Percent

In a report from luxury travel adviser Virtuoso, private jet flight prices decreased by 13 percent, making it a good time for frequent flyers to start investing in a jet card membership or fractional ownership of private jets.

Higher Demand for Chartered Trips

Euromonitor also showed an increase in Americans who charter private jets, from 4.88 million to 5.32 million in 2016. The reasons why chartered trips are preferred over commercial flights include more flexibility in schedules, exclusivity for passengers, safer travel, a tasteful treat on board the private jet and no reported delays in the flight.

More Competition Means Lesser Prices

A lot of private jet providers in the aviation industry have opened their services to private jet flyers near their offices, thus driving down the prices and making private jet charter more affordable for locals. A lot of them also have great perks like a free overnight stay at a hotel with every premium booking or free five-star culinary meals with their very own chefs on board the private jet.

Chartering a private jet only takes a few minutes and provides the most secure travel for both local and international flyers. What makes travel more enjoyable and memorable is the comfort you get when you fly privately, so charter a private jet and enjoy the benefits you can get.

Fly safely and enjoy perks along the way with this affordable luxury. If you need the fastest and most reliable private jet, contact your most trusted private jet charter provider. West Palm Jets is a proud member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, to promote safety across all our skies regardless of the plane or charter service provider you choose for your travels.