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Apply Nail Wraps in Simple Steps

Our toenail wraps are easy to use and can be carried out anywhere! Follow the steps below to get the perfect manicure without the trouble.

Prep Your Canvas

Apply a pure base coat to all or any ten fingernails. We love Dreams Toenail Lacquer Calcium Foundation Coating, which smooths and strengthens fingernails with a mixture of vitamins and protein. Wait around until your foundation coat is totally dry


Natural oils, moisturizer, sunscreen or any dirt on your fingernails will avoid the wraps from properly sticking with your nails. Ensure that your fingernails are clean prior to starting. We recommend using an alcoholic beverages wipe. For more detail please visit, nail wrap (Nagelfolie in German)


Using the right size cover for your fingernails helps it be a lot simpler to get the wraps perfect. As our wraps are created with semidried toenail polish, they have just a little stretch out in them to get it right up to the sides of your toenail! If you’re between sizes, choose the somewhat smaller size..

Size Up Your Nails

Pick the wraps that best fit your toenail condition (each package deal includes 26 wraps, in differing sizes). They’re smaller than they show up, because of the thin boundary around each sticker, so choose a size that’s wide enough for your toenail.


Once you’ve got the right size chosen, take away the clear protective cover and take away the nail wrap support. Stick it to your nail beginning with the bottom of the toenail. If you skipped your toenail, the wraps can be repositioned before they choose to your fingernails. Be sure to not place it on your skin layer or cuticle as you won’t adhere as well and can peel from the lime and chip faster.

Peel from the lime the nail cover and fall into line the rounded advantage with your cuticle ( the tiny flap should be facing away). Starting at the cuticle, press down and extend the cover against the end of your toenail, smoothing it out until it’s free from any bubbles or ridges. Apply wraps to all or any ten fingernails, or wear just a few as an highlight nail, and color the others of your tips a good color.

File Away

Use a toenail document to buff away any excessive materials from the wraps, moving the document in a downward movement to keep things clean. Start from the bottom of the toenail and move up-wards and outwards to ensure there are no lines and wrinkles. You should use a cuticle stay or simply your finger to seal it onto the toenail. Crease the surplus part of the nail cover downwards and use the toenail file to document the wrap from the tips of the toenail. Begin from one part of your toenail and document in a downward movement. Filing laterally can leave jagged sides, lift the toenail cover, or create dirt that helps prevent the nail cover from adhering properly. Lightly tug off the surplus nail cover, and then use the fine part of the toenail fine to even the end of the toenail out.

Seal the offer

Your wraps can last a lot longer with a high coating. Choose something pure, like ncLA’s I LOVE It at the top in Shimmer Me Fairly. The chip-resistant method provides a hint of sparkle to your completed look.


Usually do not use if you are sensitive to the the different parts of the toenail polish wraps.

Optional quick dried out top coating can make your fingernails last longer. Make sure to test out a little section of the nails first and invite it to totally dry before coming in contact with. Some quick dried out top coats aren’t appropriate for our toenail wraps and could cause shrinkage.

Avoid coming in contact with the adhesive part of the toenail wraps as that will weaken the seal and make your toenail wraps not last for as long.

You can clean your toenail with an alcoholic beverages swab after cleaning your hands to eliminate any essential oil, dirt or particles. This can help the nail cover stick better.

The adhesive will negotiate after about quarter-hour. Avoid washing the hands or moisturizing soon after inserting them.

Remove toenail wraps after 10 times.